Radboud University

As a postdoc in the Data Science group of Radboud University Nijmegen, I work on statistical machine learning and pattern recognition. I am particularly interested in: semi-supervised learning, model selection, meta-learning and approaches to deal with missing or noisy data.

I’m currently finishing up my PhD research project studying robust methods to do semi-supervised learning, that is: supervised models that can use additional unlabeled data with the property that, with high probability, performance is better than the original supervised model.

My PhD research was supervised by Prof. Joost Kok (LUMC) and Prof. Marco Loog (affiliated with the Pattern Recognition Laboratory of the Delft University of Technology) and funded by the COMMIT research program. During my PhD I was affiliated with the Pattern Recognition & Bioinformatics group of Delft University of Technology and the Department of Molecular Epidemiology of the Leiden University Medical Center.